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We’re not just in it for sales, we want to be your partner in growing your business. By carrying top-shelf Emerald Treez products, you’re offering a better product with higher profit from a veteran-owned company. Our California and Oregon roots bring a fresh take to Oklahoma. Customers will return again and again to try our products.

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Our involved grow process with selective genetics produces only the highest quality, top-shelf products.

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We work meticulously to determine the best genetics that reach our high standards. Rest assured you’re getting the best each strain has to offer.

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We’re always experimenting to find new and exciting cross-breeds – Emerald Treez exclusives will set you apart from the competition.



Our knowledgeable staff can help you to find the ideal product and solutions for your business.

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Though we’re convinced our product will have your customers begging for more, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep you happy.

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Latest Arrivals

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