All About Hydro Clones


Hydroponic cloning involves growing plants in a nutrient solution. Sounds simple, but there’s a lot of research you need to do into your gardening system. We have to stay on top of the market and trends – there are always new nutrient and methods to test. Many aren’t worth the effort, but having an expert grower (like Jeremy!) helps to figure out what’s worth adjusting. We’ve found a system that works with us by creating a nutrient-rich cocktail to allow our clones the highest growth and healthiest root systems.

You can’t just throw cuts in the cloner and call it a day. The system requires plenty of maintenance including extensive cleaning, routine check-ins, and plant care. It’s important to check test the water and perform regular flushes to keep the system fresh and efficient. Bacterial growth can become an issue if you aren’t meticulous about disinfecting your area. We all know how susceptible warm, moist environments can be to pests and microbes, so it’s our job to protect our plants. No one wants to buy infested crops. By keeping everything clean and maintained, this system allows for healthy plants with higher yields.


We use seeds in our grow too, but that’s a lengthy, expensive process when you’re only looking for the best genetics. The majority of marijuana plants from a seed don’t make it to harvest – sometimes the seeds don’t sprout, other times you’ll find out the plant is male after spending valuable resources on its care. If you’re not careful, these males can pollinate your entire crop leading to product you can’t sell. With clones, it’s faster to dial in your genetics, you know you’re getting a female plant, and it’s easier to replicate your most successful harvests.

For example, a pack of six White Blizzard seeds costs around $100. Maybe two seeds are duds, and out of the four left you find out two are male. Now you have two female plants but you’ve already wasted resources and weeks to get them, plus the essentially cost you $50 a piece. If you had started with guaranteed female clones, particularly clones as mature and healthy as Emerald Treez’s, you could quadruple your plants, yields, and ultimately your profits.

Let’s review why we love clones:

Guaranteed Females: Clones are cut from Mother plants, so you know you’re getting a female plant versus wasting resources on a male you can’t use.

More Cost Effective: Seeds can get expensive, especially feminized versions, not to mention the time and resources used to produce a rooted plant. Clones are a faster and cheaper alternative.

Ready To Harvest Sooner: Germination and seedling stages can add months to your process. By starting with a rooted plant, you’ll see product much sooner.

Consistent Quality: Once your genetics are dialed in, you know your mom plant will provide the exact same characteristics. No need to worry about quality or varying terpenes and potency.



We believe in sustainability. Though rock wool is made from natural materials (chalk and rock), the process of binding these ingredients is anything but. Manufacturers must heat the materials to about 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, then use a harsh stream of air to create the fibers we’re used to seeing. Besides that, potentially toxic loose fibers can travel through the air into your lungs, your skin, and even your crop. It’s not a great option if you’re trying to keep a clean and healthy grow. Rock wool also has a higher pH than other media, so you’ll need to adjust your nutrients and water accordingly. For us, the negatives overpower the positives, so we choose not to use rock wool in our grow.


By ordering clones from Emerald Treez, you have an inexpensive, low-risk method of building your grow. Maybe you don’t have the space or room for Mother plants of your own, so you need a fool-proof way to get high yields every month without the time or cost of seeds. Maybe you already knew all of this, and you just want to introduce some new strains from a grower you can trust. We take pride in our nursery with round-the-clock care and meticulous cleaning practices. We’ve already done the hard work for you by popping seeds and working with the strain until we’re sure it’s up to our standard. Besides that, we don’t try to hide immature roots behind solo cups or rock wool, you’ll see the full root system up to 24” before transplanting to your own soil. By only established roots, we lower your risk of transplant shock and can cut up to two weeks off your harvest schedule. We want you to succeed, so we’re available for any questions and we’ll give you a clone care guide free with every order. Give us a shot, you won’t be disappointed! View our clone list here.