What are “Lil’ Treez”?

We’re over “Clones”

We used to sell clones. Back a few lifetimes ago, we once sold clones. Rockwool cubes combined with premium genetics… didn’t sit too well with us. Despite an industry standard being the rockwool cubes – we just can’t get down with that. Inorganic, root growth limited, a slow grower and at the end of the day – an inferior product.

This leads us to what we actually grow and have for sale – Treez! We aren’t down with anything but the biggest. To achieve this, we start off with in-house Momz; who’s cuts are then put through our internal proprietary process involving products from our great partners at House of Gardens, & Clone X. Each plant then spends 14 days in our EZ Cloner at which time when it comes out, we are greeted with an absolute monster of a plant! There is such a thing out there in the industry known as a ‘Teen’ which is the closest comparison we can find to our plants as we like to call them – Lil’ Treez. The reason why teens are the closest we can find is that they are above 8” in size but they come in either a one- or two-gallon pot. Our Lil’ Treez are not potted and can be placed in your favorite growing medium! We always suggest soil for those in need or those who want to know.


Now let’s really talk about it… Roots! Roots are the base. Roots are life! We love them, and without our roots we would not be able to do what we do – grow Treez! Roots directly affect the yield and quality of bud you can produce. Plain and simple, the better the roots, the better everything turns out. Roots are directly related to the entirety of your plant, your product and at the end of the day, your reputation. When you see that our Treez then look at a rockwool clone, it’s easy to tell – “clones” ain’t it dog.

Here’s why our Lil’ Treez need to be your only option if you’re growing quality indoor flower using a 1-3 gal pot. You can acclimate the plant for a few days then flip directly to flower! Grow like us? These Lil’ Treez will be only 7-10 days in a 1 gal followed by a final 10-14 days of veg in a 5+ gal before flower.

Bigger Roots = Faster Growth
Straight to flower, straight to profits
Exotic Genetics
Twice the price, 10x the results
Flip to Flower Promise