Soil – Yourself?

We love soil!

At ET we truly believe that Mother Nature got it right; that’s why we follow the exact same principles used for cannabis & hemp to not just survive but THRIVE for thousands of years – Plants in soil. There is absolutely, incomparably, nothing that can compete with the natural results of growing in soil. The millions of explosions that happen all across your taste buds as you spark up your first ever J where you are suddenly met with an outcome you’ve never experienced before – Flavor!


If Mother Nature got it right, why did we bring the plants indoor? Well… just because the plant is right, does not mean the environment is. Here in the United States, we are equipped with only a few natural environments that contain the perfect ecosystem for the highest quality products and even with those, you still are not entirely in control of the end product, for us – that just won’t work.  The solution is indoors; where the air is perfect, the bugs are non existent (without chemicals – click here to check out more info on our Nutes & our 3 day soil benefit.) Each plant receives one on one touch, love, care each and every day. We don’t just do this for fun or for money, we are plant people. As plant people, we have a goal that we want each and every single plant to thrive, flourish, & harvest the absolute best! Without soil, none of this is possible.

Aficionados rejoice! This isn’t what’s out there. This isn’t just a product you use, it’s a medication you enjoy. Akin to a masterfully grown, cultivated and hand rolled Cuban Cigar or a expertly crafted small batch of your favorite alcohol – it’s the experience.

ET Flower – It’s more than medicine!

Interested in growing your game? Us too! That’s why we won’t stop; we don’t want you to either! We are looking for experienced cultivators in Oklahoma who are operating between 2,000 & 10,000 sq ft. and want to make the transition to soil or know somebody wanting to up their soil game! If this is you or somebody you know, contact us & Let’s Grow Together!