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Emerald Trees only works with the best. From nutrients to contractors, we keep our family tight but hold them in the highest regard. We can’t do it without their help! If they’re on this page, they’re a business that we respect and use regularly in our business. In our pursuit of transparency throughout the grow process, we have no issue with sharing our secrets to success – and our partners play a huge part in the quality of our final product! We can confidently say that incorporating these brands into your grow will improve your results. Learn more below!

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Southern Oregon Bokashi

Nutrient Supplier


Southern Oregon Bokashi offers the highest quality locally made microbial inoculants for Southern Oregon area.  Southern Oregon Bokashi was founded in the Applegate valley in 2010 by Evan Short as a way of fostering the next evolution in organic agricultural practices.  He has had great success with the product lines with applications in both commercial and hobbyist farmers and horticulturalists.  After his initial introduction of the Southern Oregon Bokashi product line it became evident that production needed to be increased in order to keep up with the growing demand for the multi-use products. The Southern Oregon Bokashi line continues to grow with the demands of today’s horticulturalist.

How Emerald Treez uses Bokashi: One of our secrets is living soil. Using Bokashi allows for the breakdown nutrients from the soil making them more available to our plants. It also helps to suppress soil borne disease and pests leading to a healthier plant with higher yield. Bokashi provides high levels of polysaccharides, micro-nutrients, beneficial enzymes, and organic acids which help us avoid using harsh chemicals in our grow – cause we’re not fans of those.


House and Garden Nutrients

Nutrient Supplier

“Grow Your Own Success”
with House and Garden Nutrients

House and Garden (H&G) Nutrients was sprouted in Holland in 1990 by William Van De Zwaan and his team of biochemists and researchers in the Dutch cannabis industry. The fertilizer company quickly established itself as an elite plant nutrient supplier with a unique blend of premium raw materials, craft laboratory techniques, and greenhouse field testing. H&G is now carried in thousands of retail stores, and is the fertilizer of choice for multitudes of gardens and commercial grow facilities across the globe.

H&G’s Roots Excelurator product is an organic blend of microbial inoculants and seed extracts, and has become the pinnacle root enhancer of the cannabis industry, and the flagship of the H&G lineup. To adapt to the growth of the industry, H&G is now carried in commercial sizes, including 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes.

H&G’s customers receive top-notch garden consulting from our crew of seasoned growers, free of charge, a service which facilities normally pay thousands of dollars for. Our consultants can design a custom feeding schedule for any environment, whether it be indoor, hydroponics, greenhouse, or full-sun outdoor. House and Garden Nutrients prides itself in the quality and performance of its product, innovative technologies, talented and dedicated personnel, and unparalleled technical support.

Instagram: @houseandgardennutrients, @hng_cuphunters

How Emerald Treez uses House and Garden: We’re obsessed with the product Roots Excelurator! Jeremy, our head grower, has been using this product for years in order to achieve the most mature, healthy root systems possible. We love Roots Excelurator so much that we’re looking to incorporate more of the House and Garden nutrient line in our grow. Come back for updates on our new favorites!