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Here are our Emerald Treez exclusive strains. Check back for updates, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when a new strain drops! For up to date lists of all the other strains available in flower or clones, click the buttons above. Please note that we prefer to take pre-orders on clones two weeks out, but we may have something available now so always reach out and ask if you have an urgent need! Patients can find our flower here.

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Circus Peanuts X Florida Oranges

Circus Peanuts is a cross of Cocoa Lemon and Cookie Pebbles. The Cocoa Lemon pheno used has a sweet Chocolope-influenced flavor alongside ripe banana and citrus overtones. Tasty and smooth, Circus Peanuts will send you off into a lazy day of bliss. Florida Oranges offers instant, hard-hitting Indica effects, while enjoying the taste of fresh oranges in every exhale. Together, these two strains bring a burst of citrus flavor along with mellow creativity.

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