Let’s Talk Numbers


In Oklahoma we all hear the same thing about testing our products – that it’s inconsistent. We at Emerald Treez have tested our same product at 5 different laboratories and received 5 completely different results (shocker, we know). But at the same time, we are all racing to meet the expectations of the dispensaries and the customers to hit the highest percentage of THC that we possibly can. Why? Because that’s what most customers are looking for in product now. There is so much more to cannabis and the enjoyment that it brings. Without the knowledge of how different compounds create specific effects and can alleviate stress, pain, and even anxiety, many customers solely focus on the THC content of the flower. This is not just an Oklahoma problem that we are seeing; this trend has been seen throughout the cannabis industry around the globe.


The importance of THC percentages is one of the greatest misconceptions in the industry. It actually has very little to do with the quality of you bud, and the measurement has some flaws of its own.

THC gets you high. The higher, the better, right? Not exactly. Suppose you walk into a liquor store to prepare for a party If you’re a college kid on a budget that’s just looking to slammed, no judgement, but you’re probably grabbing low-grade booze with the lovely flavor of rubbing alcohol because even if it’s low-quality, it does the trick – and you can get a ton without breaking the bank! If you’re more of a connoisseur looking to impress your company and enjoy the experience, you’re likely to grab something off the top shelf that has fantastic flavor, exceptional quality, a lower ABV, and a higher price tag. It’s a similar situation with cannabis, but even more intricate. Check out this study from the University of Colorado. “Regardless of what type or potency of cannabis participants used, their self-reports of intoxication, or ‘feeling high,’ were remarkably similar, as were their measures of balance and cognitive impairment.”

So how do you know what to look for? Ultimately, it depends on your needs. Did you know there are over 100 cannabinoids in marijuana? Every single one contributes to your high in different ways. Terpenes are also instrumental in determining the “feelings” you get while high. Check out what cannabinoids and terpenes align with the high you’re looking for. You’ll also want to check a bud for trichome levels or how “frosty” looks, density or if the bud fragile and airy versus strong and full, the nose – look for a pungent, complex smell, and the color which should be bright rather than dull and weak. Still lost? We’ll happily answer any questions you have, or you can check with a knowledgeable bud tender at your local dispensary.

Now you know it’s important to focus on strains that deliver outstanding terpene profile, cannabinoid compounds, and even CBD content. We do this at Emerald Treez because we are passionate about helping people through plant medicine – growing for THC content alone cannot achieve this goal. We cultivate flower that is enjoyable from the smell to the taste and, of course, the effects. We want our customers to appreciate the experience our product brings, whether it be to help with stress of the job, that social anxiety that’s keeping you for the things you like, the back pain that doesn’t let you rest, or enjoy the company that you choose to surround yourself with.

Aficionados rejoice! This isn’t just a product you use, it’s a medication you can enjoy. Akin to a masterfully grown, cultivated and hand rolled Cuban Cigar or an expertly crafted small batch of your favorite alcohol – it’s the experience.